Version 2.0 of the WCC launched

  • Woodland Carbon Code Version 2.0 launched:
    • Widened the definition of a 'single project'
  • Integrated 'small woods' process - A group can contain both 'standard' and 'small' projects.
  • Integrated verification process
  • New section 1.4 Conformance with the UK Forestry Standard
  • 1.6 New Additionality Spreadsheet
  • 2.1 Combined sections on landowner and group manager commitments
  • 2.2 Clarified mapping rules
  • 2.3 Change to 'single rate' 20% WCC Buffer contribution
  • 2.4 Separate consultation section (moved from 5 Social Responsibility)
  • 2.6 Clarified registry use including new 'assignment' function
  • 2.7 Removed required to list carbon buyers in PDD
  • 4 Environmental Quality and 5 Social Responsibility - Links to the WCC Woodland Benefits Tool to assess wider benefits.
  • Documents (Project Design Document V2.0, Project Progress Report V2.0):
    • Updated versions of both documents which can be used for either a single project or a group.  After 08 June 2018 all documents submitted to validator/verifier have to be on new templates. 
    • New Additionality Spreadsheet available.
  • Carbon Calculation:
    • Updated WCC Carbon Lookup Tables V2.0 and WCC Carbon Calculation Spreadsheet V2.0 & Guidance.  Existing project developers need to use/download the new versions of both.
    • Updated Carbon Assessment Protocol V2.0.  Anyone conducting a year 15 monitoring survey will need to consult this version.

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Woodland Carbon Guarantee

Find out how to apply for the option to sell Woodland Carbon Units to government (England only).

Deadline for next auction: Friday 6 September 2024.

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