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Project Design Document V2.0 March 2018 (docx) | Validation Guidance

Landowner / Tenant Contact Details Form V1.0 March 2018 (docx)

WCC Additionality Spreadsheet V1.0 Feb 2018 (xlsx) | Guidance

WCC Carbon Calculation Spreadsheet V2.2 Jan 2019 (xlsx) | Guidance

!! New version (2.2) of Carbon Calculation Spreadsheet added 09 Jan 2020 !!

If you wish to enter the auction for the Woodland Carbon Guarantee in England, please use this new Version 2.2 (Jan 2019) or Version 2.1 (Nov 2019). 

If you are not applying for the Guarantee, and have already started using Version 2.0 (March 2018) it is fine to continue with V2.0.  We will update the Carbon Calculation Guidance to match the new spreadsheet as soon as we can. This V2.2 will give the same result as V2.0, but

1) It's easier to use and includes space for 25 species

2) For those applying to the Guarantee in England, it includes a table showing the number of carbon units that would be eligible under the Guarantee to 2055/26.  You need this to apply to the Guarantee and enter the auction


Project Progress Report V2.0 March 2018 (docx) | Verification Guidance

Landowner / Tenant Contact Details Form V1.0 March 2018 (docx)

Year 5 Data Collection and Calculation Sheet V1.0 March 2016 (xlsx)| Monitoring Guidance

To report a loss between verification events

Loss Event Report Template V1.0 10Dec2013 (docx) | Guidance

Further Guidance and Advice

How to Apply

WCC Guidance

For advice on the WCC:  info@woodlandcarboncode.org.uk

For help with Markit Registry:  environmental@markit.com  


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