2.6 Registry and avoidance of double counting


  • Projects and carbon units shall only appear on one carbon registry - the UK Land Carbon Registry
  • For group validation/ verification, the group and its constituent projects shall be entered on the registry as a 'master project' and 'subprojects' respectively
  • All projects, project documentation, carbon units, assignments and retirements shall be visible in the 'public view' of the UK Land Carbon Registry
  • Upon validation, Pending Issuance Units (PIUs) shall be listed for all carbon units in the project, except in the circumstances specified in Registry Rules of Use 5. Listing Pending Issuance Units
  • Any Pending Issuance Units sold in advance of verification shall either be transferred to the relevant buyer's account or 'assigned' to that buyer
  • At each verification, Pending Issuance Units for that vintage shall be cancelled and the verified number of Woodland Carbon units (WCUs) issued
  • Prior to using Woodland Carbon Units in any reports, they shall be 'retired' from the UK Land Carbon Registry
  • Projects shall not accept any tree donations or other sponsorship where this creates a double claim between the Woodland Carbon Code and the donation regarding the carbon benefit
  • Project developers shall comply with the registry rules of use and shall only sell carbon units which are validated & verified to a standard which is endorsed in the UK Environmental Reporting Guidelines

Project status on the registry will be checked at validation. Project and carbon unit status will be checked at verification.

UK Land Carbon Registry

The UK Land Carbon Registry is managed by S&P Global on behalf of the Woodland Carbon Code and the Peatland Code. 




!! WCC Version 2.2 & amended WCC Cashflow V2.2.1 !!

From 1st October 2022, anyone submitting for validation/verification should use Version 2.2 of the Woodland Carbon Code.

From 22 November 2022, anyone submitting for validation should also download and use Version 2.2.1 of the WCC Cashflow. If you have already submitted on Version 2.2 of the WCC Cashflow, your validation will be completed on that version. Other documents remain unchanged.

See the validation and verification pages for more detail.

UK Land Carbon Registry fees increased on 1st October 2022.


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