What is Self-Assessment?

When can I Self-Assess?

How do I Self-Assess?

What is Self-Assessment?

Self-Assessment is the option to self-declare that your project is on track, healthy and still meets the UK Woodland Carbon Code and the UK Forestry Standard. In this case there will be no 3rd party check of your project. Self-Assessment does not confirm the carbon sequestration to date, and as there is no 3rd party check, no Pending Issuance Units will be converted to Woodland Carbon Units - a Verification is required to convert units.   

When can I Self-Assess?

A project must be checked 5 years after the project start date and then at least every 10 years.  You can only Self-Assess, rather than verify, from year 15 onwards if:

  • Your latest verification received a 'Green' status. If projects are grouped, all projects in the group were 'Green' status.
  • You don't have any concerns about the growth and health of your project(s).
  • Your latest assessment was a verification, not a Self-Assessment.
  • It's not the last monitoring period of your project.  At the last monitoring period, you are required to do full monitoring and 3rd party verification.
  • There have been no major changes to the project (area, management, ownership, health etc.).

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you intend to Self-Assess, and we will check you meet the criteria. 

How do I Self-Assess?

1. Check with the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view are eligible to Self-Assess this project or group

2. In order to Self-Assess, you need to complete the following documents (See Template Documents):

3. Upload your documents to your project on the UK Land Carbon Registry and submit as Self-Assessed.

4. The WCC Secretariat will review your project or group.  When reviewing a 'Self-Assessed' project, the WCC Secretariat can request other sources of information if any source supplied is not clear.   

  • If the WCC Secretariat are content with the information provided, they will approve the project as 'Self-Assessed'.
  • If the WCC Secretariat have concerns about the growth or health of a project submitted as 'Self-Assessed', they can require that Full Monitoring and 3rd party verification is undertaken.



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