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Annual statistics

Interim project statistics 

Interim carbon unit statistics

Annual statistics 

You can view offical annual statistics about the Woodland Carbon Code (up to 31 March 2023) in Forest Research’s Forestry Statistics 2023 publication - Chapter 4: Carbon. 

Statistics from earlier years are also available.

Interim project statistics 

Our interim statistics provide data on Woodland Carbon Code projects up to 31 December 2023. 


Number of projects on UK Land Carbon Registry 

 Number of projectsEnglandWalesScotlandNorthern IrelandUK

Under development

629 205 489 124 1,447
Validated only 92 39 324 8 463
Verified at year 5 46 7 73 1 127
Total validated 138 46 397 9 590
All projects 767 251 886 133 2,037

Note: Projects can be validated/verified individually or as part of a group. This table shows the number of projects validated or verified, whether they were administered individually or as part of a group. 


Area of projects on UK Land Carbon Registry 

Area (hectares) EnglandWalesScotlandNorthern IrelandUK

Under development

7,120 2,025 36,663 843 46,651
Validated only 2,133 865 24,676 90 27,763
Verified at year 5 697 145 3,915 9 4,765
Total validated 2,829 1,009 28,591 98 32,527
All projects 9,950 3,034 65,253 941 79,178


Projected carbon sequestration of projects 

 Projected sequestration (million tCO2e)EnglandWalesScotlandNorthern IrelandUK

Under development

2.9 0.7 11.2 0.4 15.0
Validated only 0.9 0.3 7.6 0.03 8.9
Verified at year 5 0.4 0.07 1.6 <0.03 2.1
Total validated 1.3 0.4 9.2 0.04 11.0
All projects 4.2 1.0 20.4 0.4 26.0

Note: These figures include both the carbon units which can be sold and those which are allocated to the Woodland Carbon Code buffer.


Size of validated and verified projects, number of projects by country 

2023.12 WCC project size by country


Species mix of validated and verified projects, by area and country 

2023.12 WCC species by country

Note: In Scotland, conifers include native Scots Pine, frequently planted as part of native woodlands.


Management of validated and verified projects, by area and country 

2023.12 WCC management by country

Note: CCF is Continuous Cover Forestry.


Map of projects, by status - 31 December 2022

UK WCC Map 31Dec2022

Interim carbon unit statistics 

Our interim carbon unit statistics provide data from Woodland Carbon Code projects up to 31 December 2023. 


Number of Woodland Carbon Units available on UK Land Carbon Registry 

1 Carbon Unit = 1 Tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent

'Available for sale' units are for sale by the project developer or a retail aggregator - Find out how and where to buy.

'Already sold' units are either transferred from the project developer to a corporate buyer's account or assigned to a corporate buyer (if Pending Issuance Units)

Landowners 'growing their own' units are owned by organisations planning to use the units that will be verified against emissions within their own company/organisational boundaries (insetting).

'Retired Woodland Carbon Units' are verifed credits which are 'retired' or taken out of use by the final user.

Woodland Carbon Code Buffer Units are units which are put aside and stored in a shared buffer pool in case of any future loss of Woodland Carbon Units.

 Available for saleAlready soldLandowners 'growing their own' unitsRetired Woodland Carbon UnitsWoodland Carbon Code Buffer UnitsTotal

Pending Issuance Units

4,164,000 3,326,000 91,000 -- 1,927,000 9,508,000
Woodland Carbon Units 800 3,500 1,100 4,600 2,300 12,300

 Note: Pending Issuance Units are validated units of CO2e which are projected to be delivered/sequestered in future. Woodland Carbon Units are verified units of actual sequestered CO2e.


When will Pending Issuance Units convert to verifed Woodland Carbon Units? 

Woodlands validated to the Woodland Carbon Code will sequester carbon dioxide over the coming 100 years.

The chart below shows the projected annual 'conversion rate' of Pending Issuance Units to Woodland Carbon Units over that time period (black line) and the cumulative sequestration of validated projects over that time (bars).

As more projects are validated to the standard, more units will be available and the conversion rate will increase. Verifed Woodland Carbon Units and Buffer Units are not included on the chart.

2023.12 WCC PIU to WCU Delivery and Conversion over time


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