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The UK Land Carbon Registry is the database that stores and publicly displays data about the status of Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code projects and ownership and use of carbon units.  Managed by S&P Global, it records transactions and provides a public and transparent picture of UK-based Woodland and Peatland Carbon Units.  All Projects and Carbon Units must be recorded on the UK Land Carbon Registry.

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Official Statistics 31 March 2021 - Woodland Statistics (including WCC)


Woodland Carbon Code Mapping Online:


Number of Woodland Carbon Code Projects on the UK Land Carbon Registry - Interim statistics as of 31 March 2022

 Number of projectsEnglandWalesScotlandNorthern IrelandUK

Under Development

443 175 468 82 1,168
        Validated only 63 24 158 2 247
        Verified at year 5 45 5 68 1 119
Total Validated 108 29 226 3 366
All Projects 551 204 694 85 1,534

Note: Projects can be validated/verified individually or as part of a group.  This table shows the number of projects validated or verified, whether they were adminsitered individually or as part of a group. 

Area of Woodland Carbon Code Projects on the UK Land Carbon Registry - Interim statistics as of 31 March 2022

Area (hectares) EnglandWalesScotlandNorthern IrelandUK

Under Development

5,381 1,385 33,618 520 40,905
        Validated only 1,373 466 12,275 15 14,128
        Verified at year 5 638 100 3,670 9 4,416
Total Validated 2,011 566 15.945 23 18,544
All Projects 7,392 1,951 49,563 543 59,449

Projected Carbon Sequestration of Woodland Carbon Code projects - Interim statistics as of 31 March 2022

 Projected Sequestration (Million tCO2e)EnglandWalesScotlandNorthern IrelandUK

Under Development

2.2 0.5 8.9 0.2 11.9
        Validated only 0.7 0.2 4.0 <0.01 4.9
        Verified at year 5 0.3 0.05 1.5 <0.01 1.9
Total Validated 1.0 0.2 5.5 0.01 6.9
All Projects 3.3 0.7 14.4 0.2 18.7

Note:  These figures include both the carbon units which can be sold and those which are allocated to the WCC buffer.

Number of Woodland Carbon Units available on the UK Land Carbon Registry - as of 31 March 2022

1 Carbon Unit = 1 Tonne of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent

'Available for sale' units are still with the project developer - Find out how and where to buy.

'Already Sold' units are either transferred from the project developer to another market participant's account, assigned to a buyer by the project developer (if PIU) or retired by the final user (if WCU).

Landowners 'growing their own' units are owned by organisations planning to use the units that will be verified against emissions within their own company/organisational boundaries (insetting).

WCC Buffer Units are units which are put aside and stored in a shared buffer pool in case of any future loss of WCU.

 Available for saleAlready soldLandowners 'Growing their own' unitsWCC Buffer UnitsTotal

Pending Issuance Units (validated, to be delivered in future)

1,640,000 3,321,000 54,000 1,270,000 6,285,000
Woodland Carbon Units (verified, sequestered carbon) 2,700 6,200 800 2,200 11,900


Delivery of verified Woodland Carbon Units over time

Woodlands validated to the Woodland Carbon Code will sequester carbon dioxide over the coming 100 years.  The chart below shows the projected annual 'conversion rate' of PIUs to WCUs over that time period (black line), and the cumulative sequestration of validated projects over that time (bars). Note that around 2/3 of units are already sold as PIUs (see table above - all the assignments and a proportion of the holdings are already sold).  As more projects are validated to the standard, both the conversion rate and the projected cumulative verified units will increase. Buffer Units are not included on the chart.

PIU to WCU Conversion Rate 31 March 2022

UK WCC Map 31Dec2021

Map of WCC project locations

Map of WCC project locations 31st March 2022

!! WCC Version 2.2 out 6 May 2022 !!

Version 2.2 of the Woodland Carbon Code is now available. It includes changes to:


If you submit documents for validation/verification on or after 1 October 2022, you must use Version 2.2 of documents against Version 2.2 of the WCC standard.

If you have completed planting and you submit documents for validation/verification by 30 September 2022, you can still use Version 2.1 of documents against version 2.1 of the WCC standard. 

UK Land Carbon Registry fees are increasing from 1 October 2022.



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